Song of the week: April



Three weeks is a long time. Neil Armstrong’s return trip to the moon was completed in under two. Entire wars have been fought; the conveniently named Six-Day War for one. Of course the best example to illustrate sheer industry – winner by unanimous consent – was God, who must’ve worked pretty hard for the seven days it took him to create…literally everything. Fine, so the Genesis creation-of-the-universe example might be far-fetched, but it helps prove the argument.

In other words, I’ve pretty much neglected this blog since early April, which is inexcusable. I’ve been busy and when I haven’t been busy, I’ve been slack. So I’m playing catch up with these Song of the Week installments. As such, here are three weeks worth of audio gems. May and June will follow shortly.

April 11:

An album I overlooked when it came out earlier this year was Warpaint’s self-titled sophomore album. I enjoyed their first album ages ago. After that moderate success, they seemed to disappear for awhile. Luckily, they’ve resurfaced and although I’m not a huge fan of this new album, I liked a few songs, including lead single Love is to Die.


April 18:

This week, I’d pencilled in a shout out to one of my favorite songs ever: Sweet Thing by Van Morrison. So, to keep the equilibrium, I’ll do just that. The song speaks for itself.


April 25:

Around this time, I watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which sees Ben Stiller as a Life magazine photographer hunting down an elusive ‘final cover’ photograph, all the way to Iceland. The film was decent and it featured one great song by Jose Gonzalez called Stay Alive. The song, like the movie it was written for, is simultaneously uplifting and melancholy, no mean feat. It’s a keeper.

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