Song of the Week: May

I admit…this post title is rather confusing. If you’re at your computer ready to explain the difference between months and weeks to me – no doubt munching a Kit Kat, knowing you – that’s very kind but it’s OK. In this one post there’s a song for each week in May. It’s four weeks of audio goodness all rolled into one, like an acai berry or the TV box set of The Walking Dead.

May 2

To kick off this month, I introduce a song from 2006: Camera Obscura’s Lets Get Out of this Country. The song’s title and lyrics agree with my own burgeoning desire to travel, that inert wanderlust that fidgets inside you and refuses to die. Maybe the song echoes your sentiments too. Either way, it’s a catchy tune.


May 9

In the summer of 2004, I spent a month living in Barcelona. I know, I’m a lucky so-and-so. And yes, it was great. During this month, one of the other students on the program told me about this band. “They’re kind of depressing, a bit emo,” he shrugged. “But I’m obsessed with them.” He handed me his iPod – a chunky, pixelated, click wheel version – and I went for a walk, introducing myself to Death Cab for Cutie. This is what I heard.


May 16

I’m still not totally convinced with Lana Del Rey. I mean, I thought her first album was pretty good and I looked forward to her sophomore effort. However, she’s not one of my favourite artists. Despite all this confusion, I really liked the Great Gatsby film, which seems to be a fairly polarizing opinion, and also Lana’s song contribution to it: Young and Beautiful. This is a Sound Remedy remix you might like.


May 23

Personally, this cover is a gem. Credit The Tallest Man on Earth for the way his raspy voice and stripped back approach creates a unique take on Paul Simon’s hugely successful Graceland



May 30

This week Sharon Van Etten released a new album. This girl’s got style…and songs to match. She’s always being described as heartfelt and personal and this album is no exception. My favorite track is the opener: Afraid of Nothing. It’s another sad, haunting number that Van Etten does so well.



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