Song of the Week: July

As Melbourne descends into the heart of winter, sporting events around the globe have been gloating at us. Wimbledon basked in sunshine and served up numerous montages filled with jugs of Pimms and lemonade, extravagant hats and strawberries. The World Cup, meanwhile, featured scantily clad beachgoers frolicking on golden sands, all so photogenic the beach resembled a swimsuit photo shoot. And now even Glasgow’s getting involved…Glasgow! The Commonwealth Games, not necessarily the most important sporting event on the calendar but watchable, started the other day. They too are sweltering in heat. All I can say is bully for them. I’ll have to settle for these deservedly wintry songs. 

July 4

Neil Young – On the Beach

‘The world is turning…I hope it don’t turn away,” the opening line wails. From there this sorrowful insight into Neil Young continues with its sparse, captivating sound. 


July 11

Cold Specks – Absisto

Absisto is the lead single from Cold Specks’ latest album and worth a listen. Cold Specks, a pseudonym adopted as protection from a disapproving family, is a young Canadian singer with a fantastic voice. It’s unique, hypnotic and soulful. I heard someone describe her as gothic gospel. I’m not sure about that. I’m just surprised her debut album didn’t earn her greater recognition. Perhaps it’s a blessing so she can remain a hidden gem, but I’m not sure she’d agree. Her second album is released next month. 


July 18

Otis Redding – For Your Precious Love

This guy has got to be on the shortlist of greatest singers. Well, he’s on mine.  I mean, what a voice…


July 25

SBTRKT – New Dorp, New York

I’m throwing this song in because it’s new, it’s funky and it has Ezra Koenig singing nonsense about New York. SBTRKT’s first album was cool and this track is whetting my appetite for his upcoming album, due September 22.

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