The New Year Gym Workout | SotW January 2015

As the bells chime, cacophonous cheers (watched by one of the Gods that closely resembles the moon) ring out; a cascade of fireworks bursts forth.

In that fleeting moment, the innumerable, illuminated sea of faces – necks craned – fuse together, like water in water, in a colorful, bedizened, harmonious, blissful mess.

But before long (days, perhaps even weeks, rarely months), like a baby on an airplane, the new year becomes an annoyance; it asks about those temerarious promises we made on that fateful evening of its birth, that evening of euphoria in which all things were within our reach.

Before long, those resolutions become our 52-week anathema. Before long, with barely any knowledge of how we got there, we find ourselves in a sweat-ridden, elastic-pant-wearing, iron-pumping, protein-shake-gobbling, cult-like prison three times a week.

Muttering imprecations under our breath, we make the experience slightly more tenable by listening to these songs:

Jan 2

LCD Soundsystem – Dance Yrself Clean



Jan 9

The Rolling Stones (Soulwax Remix) – You Can’t Always Get What You Want 



Jan 16

Claude VonStroke – Deep Throat



Jan 23

Ben Pearce – What Might I Do 



Jan 30

Nicolas Jaar – Mi Mujer



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