Song of the Week: September 2015


Dear oh dear. I just had to consult my calendar app to remember what I did in September. It was less than two months ago(!) and I hadn’t the foggiest, as they say. God, how old am I? …Well, my birthday was last week so I’m a year older than last post! That might explain it. It was a good day; a quiet affair with a few friends. Nothing extravagant.

To celebrate this theme of age, I’ve picked four of my top classic tracks. Enjoy.

4th September

Etta James – I’d Rather Go Blind

Etta James’ bitter, melancholic song has got me through a bit in its time and the song is sung with some heartfelt sentiment, it’s impossible not to feel something every time you hear it.


11th September

Nico – These Days

These Days is simply a beautiful, haunting track, the type to make Lana Del Rey jealous. I recently found out that Jackson Browne wrote the song and played the intricate guitar on Nico’s version. Despite this, Nico makes These Days her own, thanks to her low, otherworldly vocals that also helped to create one of the best albums of all time.


18th September

The Doors – When the Music’s Over

Picking a Doors track from their immense catalog’s a pretty tricky task, and no doubt a few eyebrows will be raised at this choice. But I love this song and I love when Jim Morrison laments: “Cancel my subscription to the resurrection/Send my credentials to the house of detention.”


25th September

Nina Simone -Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out

Simply the goddess of music, Nina Simone was one of the greatest artists ever. Her jazzy piano sound, outspoken conscientiousness, resilience and talent formed a whirlwind of such quality, I’m running out of superlatives. So I’ll let her voice do the talking.


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