How to Host a Perfect Eco-Friendly Christmas Lunch [Guest Post]

how to create an eco friendly christmas lunch
An eco-friendly Christmas lunch can be a fun alternative to the traditional turkey fare [Picture courtesy of: Eco Warrior Princess]
A couple of months back, I was entrusted with the task of writing an article for work…

Normally, these are fairly constricting, the briefs offering scant room for creative (and often pestilential) meandering. They prefer forays down dank paths rife with shadows, strange sounds and withered branches. A glimmer of light might peek through the treetops to give off the semblance of light but more as an illusory mirage, designed to make you crave what you’re missing, essentially to demonstrate how far off it is.

This time, however, was different. I was given autonomy, the freedom to choose a topic, themes, length and such, so long as it had some angle towards Christmas.

Hence, the result is an environmental post about how to create an eco-friendly Christmas lunch, which you can read by clicking the link. A special thanks to Jennifer and the Eco Warrior Princess team for publishing it!


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