Music: Subways and Highways | SotW March 2016


Earlier today, I went on Spotify to check out Moderat’s new album (it’s good). I figured I’d listen to a couple tracks before going about my day. I emerged hours later.

I’d descended down the rabbit hole of ‘related artists’. First it was Ben Pearce. Then click, Leon Vynehall. Click, Pantha Du Prince. Click. I couldn’t stop myself; the layers were infinite but I kept on unraveling them, ensnared in its tenterhooks. Which is exactly what this search feature, seen on nearly all music platforms, is designed to do. And it’s changing the way we listen to music.

In simpler times, music was like a highway, where mainstream and alternative forms could drive parallel to one another. Sure, there were a few obscure exit ramps, which veered off into arty or weird or wild territory, but most were content to stick to the main road.

However, music better resembles the Tokyo subway now, a veinous, splintered expanse of lines and stations, each representing new and obscure sub-genres, new bands being hyped, new generations of artists waiting to be discovered. And we ride along, trying to catch whatever snippets memory will allow.

It’s damn near impossible to keep up with it, yet we’ll keep riding the train all the same. Here’s where it took me last month:

March 4

Wild Beasts – All the King’s Men

I listened to this song a few times back in 2009 then forgot about it; only recently did I listen to their three brooding, emotional and inventive albums. I’m glad I did.


March 11

Perfume Genius – Normal Song

Just a lovely song…and another great Take Away Show from the La Blogotheque crew.


March 18

Jamie xx (feat. Romy) – Loud Places [John Talabot Loud Synths Reconstruction]


March 25

Moderat – A New Error

I know I said the new album was good but this is still my favourite Moderat track…


Next month I’ll feature one of the best songs around: Lou Reed’s Street Hassle, and maybe something by Mount Kimbie and Beach Fossils. Until then, have a gander at Bee’s review of some inane Hollywood fluff or last month’s music post.

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