Not to Sound Like a Prude, But…

The Sexual Revolution Hangover – and it ain’t a pretty sight

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I made the mistake of typing in “International Women’s Day Quotes” on International Women’s Day, 8 March, to look for a quote to put on my FB status (I am such a warrior).

That was a rookie mistake. After 20 minutes of searching and reading, there was not one quote that got my blood raging, my hearth thumping, my fist pumping for the revolution. It was all namby pamby stuff like “women are so great” or “being beautiful on the inside is way more important” or “give peace a chance”. What?

To add insult to injury, there was a bar here in Dubai offering “us girls” a “free day by the pool”. A club night had named itself “Leave Your Boyfriend at Home”. Another “High on Heels”. What?


It is a day when the world acknowledges the invaluable contribution that women bring to society, and to ensure that women have the space to contribute to society free from oppression, judgement, obstacles, violence, harassment, threats, discouragement and retribution. It is a day when everyone can work together to further women’s EQUALITY.

It is not a day to celebrate being women. I seriously cannot stress that enough.

The quote I finally settled on was:

Now as before, women must refuse to be meek and guileful, for truth cannot be served by dissimulation. Women who fancy that they manipulate the world by pussy power and gentle cajolery are fools. It is slavery to have to adopt such tactics. 

– Germaine Greer

Germaine Greer in a photoshoot for the satirical underground magazine Oz, in 1969.
Germaine Greer, pictured here in 1969 [Courtesy of: The Guardian]
Ah Germaine Greer, your anger is a salve. I love it.

Yes, it is slavery to adopt such tactics. We are more than our bodies and our hair, our boobs and our pussies (the fact that I still have to point this out is embarrassing).

And at the risk of sounding a prude, the sexual revolution has done nothing but simply change the form of oppression. This was a sad sad revelation — I genuinely stopped dead in my tracks when hit by this bombshell.

Yes, we can work as kick-ass lawyers now but we must wear that pencil skirt and those too-high stripper heels to look like a professional success! Dare I say it…? Bring back the power suit!

Ok, let’s not lose our heads (plus I think I have just alienated every person that reads a blog – power suit…look it up, youngin’). But honestly, how has the sexual revolution worked to change our world?

(I think this is the opportune time to point out that the form of feminine oppression I am discussing is ignoring the other branches of feminism that are key — the feminist struggle of women of colour, women of developing nations, transgendered women, Indigenous women — all our struggles are different, the same, multiple, and all are central to creating a world truly equal. I am not ignoring or white-washing these struggles. I am just focusing on the sexual revolution in this instance.)

Of course women have made headway, don’t get me wrong. On an individual level it is easy to fight sexism. One just needs to be vigilant. “Oi, stop looking at my boobs” works a treat and will stop that action dead in its tracks.

But when you see an advert, and you see how an image of your body is being used because “sex sells” then you cannot help but feel the oppression. And when people look and think that’s acceptable or ideal, then you cannot help but feel the oppression.

And for f$%ks sake, Kim Kardashian is now writing for International Women’s Day.  Just kill me, now.

Do I have a problem as a feminist that she parades around naked all the time to garner attention? No.

Do I have problem as a woman that she parades around naked all the time to garner attention? Yes.

kim kardashian break the internet shoot
Kim Kardashian’s infamous cover shoot for Paper Magazine [Courtesy of: Vanity Fair]

What this idiot needs to realise is that her actions actually affect how ALL WOMEN are being viewed. You don’t want to be body-shamed, then challenge society by becoming more than your body, not just showing it off over and over again and then saying, “Um, like, I don’t think you should talk about my body all the time.”

I mean, for fuck’s sake! Is it that hard a concept?!

OK so I stepped away and made myself a cup of tea; this is obviously a topic that drives me up the wall! 

The reason Kardashian is given the light of day is because she isn’t challenging anything. We’re allowed to “express ourselves” when it comes to showing the world our tits…when it comes to PROPAGATING the problem.

But when we have ideas? When we challenge the status quo? It’s, “Oh, here we go again, feminist on a warpath!” *eye roll*

Yeah, I’m on a warpath. Because decades after the onset of second wave feminism, the only women given the limelight are naked ones. And when dressed ones somehow smash through to the public sphere, all we do is talk about their clothes.

So to all the Kardashians and the Rhiannas and the Mileys that wanna get naked – go right ahead. But don’t think for a second that you are promoting my cause. You are simply bolstering the opinion that women are objects. While I am fighting to prove that I am more.

I challenge you to keep your clothes on and start spouting meaningful ideas and start working towards equality. Then see how quickly you are ignored.

We must no longer dissimulate. I have more than my pussy to fight with.

I am worth more than my body. Fuck, I’m even worth more than YOUR body. But I need you to think the same way in order for us to be respected by society.

To be equal.


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