Who are we?

Season of the Bliss was launched in Melbourne, Australia in 2013, with the initial aim of being a personal blog focused on music and a few other articles that friends and family could enjoy – or at least pretend to have enjoyed.

Over the years, Season of the Bliss has developed into something more. Yes, the steps have been gradual, sometimes imperceivable, but change has been afoot. Which is a good thing of course. “Change is the only constant,” I once read somewhere – one of those caustic, cryptic remarks that say a lot without saying much. Clearly it said enough for me to write it here.

In recent times, these developments have included more consistent uploading of the popular Song of the Week segment and the introduction of our favourite albums of the year.

And we’re only getting started. 2016 is set to be Season of the Bliss’ biggest year yet.  We’ve already welcomed a new recruit, Bee Semaan, to write about politics, feminism and Australia.

Despite these changes, Season of the Bliss remains dedicated to its original philosophy: to meander along like a glistening meadow stream in spring, every now and then providing some informative, entertaining insight you may not have heard before.



Sometimes I find myself daydreaming I’m on a TV game show. I’ll admit, it’s a strange fixation; I’ve never had any intention of going on one.

When this happens, my mind will often fixate on the little interview at the start, the part where the bubbly, ever-smiling host will introduce Terry, a plumber from Cheltenham, who has three kids, a mortgage and a mighty good heart. It’s always my favorite part of those shows.

And now that we’re on the topic, why not introduce myself in that vein…

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Adopted vegetarian leftist

I hear you’re a blogger? What sort of blogging do you do?

Well, I try to combine my passion for creative writing, a journalism masters and a role in digital marketing/SEO, and to merge these into a semblance of sentience.

Why did you start blogging?

Sometimes, it’s a struggle to reign in emotional, political ideals. Season of the Bliss lets me express my opinions.

And what can we expect to read from you in future?

I’m keen to write about a host of topics: social democracy, trash vortexes, the player exodus from Super Rugby, weed regulations, privatized prisons.

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